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The Winther Walkabout is a brilliant walking/push trike for toddlers, who haven't been on a bike before.
It is easy to access and to get started, without any pedals that require training skills for the child.
With a steer that is easy to manoeuvre, the children start off walking or pushing themselves forward instantly and smoothly. this makes it ideal for the transition phase between walking and padaling. 

A perfect way for the children to gain balancing ability and confidence at the same time, when they learn to master their first riding technique.

The Duo model encourages social interaction between the passenger and the driver.

Comfortable seat and nice and unique design, which is sturdy and safe at the same time. Non-toxic finishes and child safe materials. Perfect to use with a friend who is pushing the trike.

Walkabout Solo ou Duo

210,00 €Prix
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